Is it possible to use Salesforce as a foundation for building an Enterprise Architecture?

by Alexander Birger
Enterprise Architecture (EA) has gained traction as the disciplined approach for managing complexities in business and IT systems. Essentially, EA helps provide decision support or IT/business alignment (ITBA) to enterprise stakeholders.
I imagine that Salesforce proponents would argue that it’s possible to use it as a foundation for building an EA because it provides a single platform that brings together several IT and business components (sales, marketing, customer service, automation, and analytics). It also solves the governance issue by allowing IT and business to speak a common language. The net effect is efficient dialogue and faster decision-making. Well, at least that’s the theory.
Question is can Salesforce be used to instantiate EA with successful results? Have you witnessed or heard of any successful EA value propositions built on Salesforce that are supported by empirical evidence?
During our 20-year journey of project implementation, we have experienced many different ways of using SFDC in the Enterprise landscape. From our experience, I can attest that Salesforce, although quite powerful, is not quite appropriate to serve as architectural foundation. It leads to over-complicated and unnecessary complex structures, resulting long term in unstable and unnecessary expensive solutions. This is my story and I stick to it :)
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